domingo, 1 de abril de 2012



Benedict, Benedict, Benedict1. Shall be the young to applaud you,a new Father (Popa) of a smiling 's mother. The Saints 's children of Milan. Sixteen shall be counted. They keep your hands up.Virgin Mary is close to you. The Virgin Mary that was sacrificed. In her words you will find the way, Benedict, Benedict, Benedict. You will be the father of everyone. It shall be a very difficult journey, walking in the Rome's streets in those days of blood. Thin away the mist and their sepulchres. Appointing holy names to the holy things, secular names to the secular ones. In your home you will receive a Saint barefoot. And you will make the powerful wait, the hands disarmed, to pray you.The Saint will be also praying behalf you in every countrysideand from all the world white flowers will envelop you. Yours will be the journey of the courage, the great challenge to the worlds and to the evil prince of it. To the people whom send soldiers, you will oppose legions. And never you will retreat your word. And you will remove your shoes, and you will walk together the Saint barefoot. When of Holiest Mary you will spread the words, the only wound you have will be healed. The Mother of the church will be the Mother of the world. Angel you will be called, Benedict.

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